Protect Your Family

Protect Yourself & Your Family From The Silent, Odourless, Invisible Killer!

On average every year in the UK, 50 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning (DTi Figures) and many, many others suffer ongoing ill health from none-fatal poisoning without realising.

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm should always be used wherever there is any form of fire (Burning Gas, Wood, Coal, Mixed Fuel – e.g. Gas Fire, Gas Stove, Wood Stove, Open Fire, Boiler) within a building. If the sensor detects a build-up of Carbon Monoxide it will alert you with a piercing alarm.

It is recommended that any home fitted with gas appliances, such as a gas fire, should have both a Carbon Monoxide Alarm and a smoke alarm fitted. All Gas appliances should be fitted by a qualified Corgi Registered Professional such as Combi UK.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless odourless gas produced by the incomplete combustion of natural gas, propane, fuel oil gasoline, coal and wood.

Carbon Monoxide is breathed in and can produce headaches, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. High levels may result in a coma, permanent brain damage and even death.

Where should I position alarms?

Locate a Carbon Monoxide alarm near the primary sleeping area of your home and for maximum protection locate one detector on every level of your home.

Carbon Monoxide is virtually the same weight as air and mixes evenly. You may therefore locate a alarm at any level of the room from floor to ceiling.

Is a Carbon Monoxide Alarm The Same as a Smoke Alarm?

No, if you have any form of fire within your home/building you should have both Smoke Alarms AND Carbon Monoxide alarms.

How Can I Prevent A Carbon Monoxide Build Up?

There is no full proof method of stopping Carbon Monoxide, however there are methods to help ensure you don’t receive a build up:

  • Maintaining your heating system and having it regularly serviced
  • Make sure all work carried out is by a qualified Corgi Registered Plumber
  • Only use you heating system when required and not left running over night
  • Fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm and if the alarm sounds have you system checked immediately