Not connected to the gas grid? Looking to fit an oil boiler or heater?

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Combi-UK has over 30 of experience fitting oil boilers and oil heating systems throughout North Yorkshire. Our specialised expertise enables us to complete our jobs to a professional standard at reasonable and affordable prices.

Our fully trained and OFTEC registered engineers repair, service and install all types of oil heating or oil fired boiler systems – we are trusted by homes and businesses throughout the region to deliver an efficient and thorough service.

For homes and businesses that are not connected to the gas grid, oil fired boilers and condensing oil heating systems are the first choice. 

If you have a conventional heat-only gas boiler, or a combination gas boiler, our reliable team of engineers are here to ensure yours is installed, maintained and serviced to a professional standard. 

For Homes

Suitable for small and large houses, oil fired boilers are ideal for rural homes not connected to the gas grid. They are significantly more energy efficient, and cost less to run. To save space, oil boilers can be stored outside, so you have more room in your home. 

For Businesses

We install and maintain oil central heating and boilers that are tailor made for larger commercial properties. Heating water on demand makes them highly energy efficient, saving you costs on overheads. 

Emergency Repairs

Our repair team operates seven days a week. When your oil boiler breaks down, our emergency repair services are carried out promptly and efficiently. 

Common problems we handle include:
•    Leakages
•    Low boiler pressure
•    Thermostat problems
•    Radio frequency issues 
•    Unwanted cutting out 


Your oil heating system should be serviced every twelve months to ensure optimal functioning, safety, and long life. Typical boiler servicing takes just one hour. The engineer will inspect all components of your oil boiler to ensure compliance with safety regulations. To book your annual servicing, contact us here. 

Servicing is even more important for commercial boilers because of heavier usage. Keeping your business’s boiler serviced annually will keep your warranty valid and help prevent sudden repair costs.

Why servicing your oil fired boiler is important? 

•    Keeps heating running efficiently for longer
•    Cuts fuel costs
•    Fewer breakdowns 
•    Keeps you safe 
•    Prevents carbon monoxide

Installation and Replacement

If your current oil heating system is reaching the end of its lifespan, it might be time to replace it. Or perhaps your business has moved to a new location and needs to set up a new system. Whatever the reason you need a new system installed, our OFTEC certified engineers are fully equipped to do the job quickly and safely.

What to expect when getting a new boiler fitted:

•    An engineer will visit your property for an initial inspection. This helps us decide what kind of boiler your space needs
•    Installing a new boiler can take up to 3 days depending on the complexity of the job
•    While our engineers do their best to work in a tidy manner, there can be some disruption while it is taking place. 
•    If the new boiler needs to be connected to more pipes and radiators, we may need to work in different parts of the building. 
•    We will remove your old boiler so you don’t have to. 

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If you have any problem regarding oil heating, please contact us or call at 01642 865 865.