Not connected to the gas grid? Looking to fit an oil boiler or heater?

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Many households in the UK are not connected to the gas grid, meaning these properties rely on non-gas fuels such as oil for heating. In these instances, oil boilers such as oil-fired boilers and condensing oil boilers, are the chosen heating source. We provide oil heating for custoemrs throughout Middlesborough, Stokesely and York - contact us today for more information.

Whether you’ve chosen a conventional heat only gas boiler or a combination gas boiler, our team of oil boiler engineers can ensure yours is maintained or installed to a professional standard.

Combi UK has been fitting oil boilers and heaters throughout North Yorkshire for years. Thanks to this wealth of experience within the industry, we are able to complete our jobs professionally at a cost-effective price. Contact us today.

If you have any problem regarding oil heating, please contact us or call at 01642 865 865.