Is your radiator louder than normal? Does your boiler continuously break? Why not find out more about Power Flushing?

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What is power flushing?

Power flushing is an effective way to cleanse your central heating system. Carried out using a chemical solution and a power flush machine, power flushing removes dirt, rust and debris from the inside of your pipes. Overtime this unwanted debris can cause serious issues for your central heating. 

A power flush will ensure pipes are clean, preventing build-up and blockages, meaning your radiators and boiler can work more efficiently when you need them most. 

How do I know my central heating needs a power flush?

You may find that your boiler has become noisy, or your radiators are louder and potentially leaking. Perhaps your radiators are cold in patches or struggle to heat up as well as others around your house. Other signs include; 

- A boiler that continues to break down and needs restarting

- Cloudy tap water

- No water or discoloured water when bleeding your radiators

Costs and length of time to complete power flushing can vary depending on the size of your house and your central heating system. 

At Combi-UK we would always advise you to have a power flush completed by a specialist in this area due to the chemicals and equipment used for this job

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